Photos taken by T.Pepper

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

The desert sunset is the perfect backdrop for this Saguaro Cactus

One of the best aspects of traveling on the road is the freedom it gives us to live, work, and play in diverse and beautiful places. The spontaneity and unpredictability of full time travel adds to the interest and enjoyment of our journey, but it can also be a bit unnerving at times.

For instance, yesterday while outside reading, I looked up from the page and what my eyes took in my brain momentarily did not register. For those few seconds I felt completely lost. I had no idea where I was. Then it registered…I’m back in California.  Wow, what a difference a day (or two) makes!

A few days ago we gathered around a campfire with our friends and family enjoying the allure and uniqueness of the desert. We celebrated our time together and said our farewells.  A good desert friend reminded me it's never goodbye, always farewell or so long.

The sense of community in our neighborhood reminded me of the old days when the wagon trains rode together, helped their neighbors, and depended on each other’s support.  When we traded our brick and mortar home in for our aluminum mobile suite we started at ground zero armed only with what we'd read in our research.  Thanks to trial and error, and fellow travelers and friends, who gave us their bits and pieces along the way, we're not just surviving out here, we are thriving!  Thanks gang for being so very special.  In the words of my grandson, YOU ROCK!

The last two months spent boondocking (to be explored further in a separate post) has been one of the best experiences of our trek to date. We met some wonderful, down-home warm folks and we came away with so much more information about this lifestyle than we had when we arrived (check out T n T's Trailer Trekin Tips tab above).  [Section pending]

RV people in general, and especially those in the neighborhood we were fortunate enough to become a part of, are extremely helpful and generous sharing their knowledge and experience.  That generosity saved us time, money, headaches, and frustration. Most importantly, these folks were a blast to hang out with.  We  look forward to seeing them all again next season.  

There was a Quartzsite invasion in February.  Peppers, Vadens, and Macedos converged upon Quartzsite from every direction.  What a blessing it was to have them all there.  Chris, we really missed you.

                                                 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every day of our trek is not a walk in the park.
Today it just happened to be.
Walking Trail,
Yolo County, California

Today I get to walk alongside tall, majestic trees, sharing the walking trail with ducks, geese, and wild turkeys as the river gently flows nearby. To the West, within an hour or so, is San Francisco. Forty-five minutes to the East is Sacramento.  We are situated where the Napa, Solano, and Yolo County lines meet in what must be one of the most beautiful spots in the area.


Protocol of the Day:  Mutual Respect.  This trail
 IS big enough for the lot of us.   

We are living in Northern California's Wine Country - at least for the next few weeks.  Surrounded by opportunities for adventure and exploration, we can't wait to see what we can get into next.  If only it would stop raining!

Putah Creek
One of the many gorgeous views on my morning walk.
In conclusion, there are indeed unsettling moments when I don't know where I am (and this has less to do with a "senior" moment than with my traveling lifestyle, right?), and we've certainly had our share of hardships.  We outran tornadoes in Alabama (try doing that pulling a 25 ft trailer); froze our butts off in the high desert; battled gigantor size, kamikaze mosquitos in Mississippi; dodged golf ball-sized hail in Indiana, and we've overspent our budget on numerous occasions  fixing, modifying, or adjusting something or other on the trailer.  In spite of it all - or because of it - we give thanks to God daily for our life on the road.  The Freedom.  The Experiences.  The Places.  The People.   As long as it continues to be fun, we will keep on trekin!

In upcoming issues we will share some of the interesting places and things to do in the area, and introduce you to some fascinating people, some of whom we've already trekked into.  We are excited about sharing them with you.
In the meantime,  check out the photo below of the pound cake I made on one of my recent rainy day schedules.  A shout out to my long-time bff  Debra Jordan for the recipe.  Look for it in an upcoming Trailer Trekin post, "Road Recipes and Resources".  Also, check out for an un-traditional, yet refreshing recipe for Lemonade.    

Deb's Coconut Pound Cake
It came out great!
We sincerely appreciate your tuning in to read our ramblings. Please do come back now, ya'll hear?

Tracy and Tom
Keep on Trekin!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pep To My Step

Neighborhood Park
Fayetteville, Georgia
When you love to move and walk as much as we do, you can basically do it just about anywhere...and we do.  Fortunately, thanks to our travels, we are able to walk in cities throughout America, meeting people and seeing places that are all new, inspiring, and exciting.  The walks, as equally different in their own way as the people we walk with and meet, all add to the enjoyment of our daily exercise routine, and almost always adds a little extra "pep" to our step.     Here are pictures of some of those places and people.  Keep on Trekin'!

In search of the elusive palms
Palm Canyon
Kofa Wildlife Refuge
near Quartzsite, Arizona

It was cold, but we were cool!
Palm Canyon
near Quartzsite, Arizona

Little walks with little people.  Priceless.
Tom, Adrianna, Melani
County Fair
Columbus, Indiana
Sunrise Walk
Burning Man
Black Rock City, Nevada
August 2011
I  encountered these fine feathered friends during a
morning walk while visiting my brother and sister-in-law in
 Avondale, Arizona
January 2012


Fern Canyon
between Patrick's Point
and Jedediah Smith State Park
Northern California

Jerry, Deb, Maxx (4-legged), and Tracy
Morning Walk
Quartzsite, Arizona
Had a great time walking the rolling grounds of Dawn and Larry's place.  So did my walking partners,
Kyle, Adrianna, Melani
"BC" and Samantha
Trafalgar, Indiana
Skull Mountain
Kofa Wildlife Refuge,
Quartzsite, Arizona
Please come back often!   We look forward to sharing our adventures with you as we continue trekin' along.
Keep on Trekin'

Tom and Tracy